Replacing OPM: Lead Generation Education, the Clear Future

Efficiently generating high-quality leads in the competitive educational landscape demands innovation. The evolution of the education sector spotlights the significance of sourcing inquiries from reputable education marketing companies in the realm of lead generation education. Higher Level Education champions this cause by prioritizing brand integrity, cost efficiency, and performance control, steering clear of traditional OPM […]

Lead Nurturing: Aged Leads Equals Unconverted Gold

Just like digging through a garage sale, where amidst the forgotten vinyl records and 80’s hair bands t-shirts, you find a rare, signed Beatles album, your database of aged unconverted leads is an untapped goldmine; it’s time to put on your metaphorical mining helmet because we’re about to go on a treasure hunt. Lead nurturing should […]

Micro-Moments in Higher Ed Marketing: Navigating Student Decisions

In the recent landscape of enrollment marketing, prospective students’ decision-making processes are evolving unprecedentedly. Micro-moments have emerged as pivotal touchpoints, while brief are impactful intervals when students turn to their devices for answers. For higher education institutions, these moments present invaluable opportunities to influence choices and drive enrollments. As marketers, we have to embrace and […]

Digital Marketing Trends for Higher Ed 2024 (so far)

Colleges and universities need help attracting and engaging Gen Z. Gen Z is a tech-savvy and socially conscious generation. This generation is challenging to reach the constantly evolving digital marketing trends. As we start projecting for 2024 budgets, institutions must consider adopting innovative digital marketing strategies that resonate with Gen Z’s Higher Ed 2024 preferences […]

Faith-Based Marketing for Colleges and Universities

In the vast realm of marketing campaigns, faith-based marketing stands out as a beacon for religious institutions of higher learning. This type of marketing champions academic prowess and deeply intertwines with the spiritual values and missions these institutions cherish. As a stakeholder of a higher education institution or someone responsible for its marketing, understanding how […]

The Need for Speed to Lead: Converting Inquiries

In today’s digital age, students’ decisions about where to pursue their higher education are no longer solely based on an institution’s reputation or brand name. One of the significant driving factors in their choice is the swiftness and efficiency with which the institution engages them. This is where speed to lead becomes essential. There is a […]

Personalized Marketing Communications in Higher Ed

Personalized marketing strategies are more important than ever in enrollment marketing. Today’s students expect a personalized experience, from emails and landing pages to individual customer product recommendations. Data collection and third-party data analysis are essential to successful marketing campaigns. What is Personalized Marketing Communication? Personalized marketing communications refer to delivering tailored messages and content to […]

7 of the Best Student Prospect CRMs We’ve Seen

One of the most effective tools for achieving relationships with prospects is using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. A CRM platform can help institutions manage student data, track interactions with prospective students, and ultimately increase enrollment. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a CRM solution, the types of CRM systems available, and […]

5 Ways to Fill Your Enrollment Funnel

Are you looking for effective and efficient ways to fill your enrollment funnel? Have you been missing starts and need a way to achieve your higher education enrollment objectives? As an enrollment marketing firm with over 25 years of expertise in EDU lead generation, EDU lead management, and EDU warm transfer delivery, Higher Level Education […]

Can Schools Benefit From Using ChatGPT for Enrollment?

Colleges and Universities constantly seek new and innovative ways to connect with prospective students and drive enrollments in today’s competitive education landscape. We don’t claim to be experts in artificial intelligence (AI) technology enrollment processes. Still, we can see how colleges and universities benefit from using ChatGPT. It is easy to see some of these […]