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Higher Level Education is strategically situated in the bustling heart of Westwood, New Jersey. Westwood is ideal for our headquarters because of its vibrant community and excellent transport links. Our prime location on Kinderkamack Road, one of the main thoroughfares in the area, makes us easily accessible whether you’re traveling by car or public transit.

Our central location underscores our commitment to being a readily accessible and reliable partner for all our clients. We understand the importance of solid and face-to-face relationships in business, and our Westwood location is ideally suited to facilitate this, allowing us to serve our partners and drive results effectively.


Higher Level Education
345 Kinderkamack Road
Suite H
Westwood, NJ 07675


Phone: 888-212-8404
Email: contact@higherleveleducation.com

More About Westwood, New Jersey

Westwood, New Jersey, also known as “The Hub of the Pascack Valley,” is a vibrant borough in Bergen County and part of the New York metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, the borough’s population was 11,282. Many residents commute to New York City for work and leisure, often using public transportation. The town was officially incorporated as a borough on May 8, 1894, and its first mayor was Isaac D. Bogert.

Historical Background

Historically, the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans were the original inhabitants of this part of the state, sharing it with transient hunters and trappers until the mid-18th century when permanent settlers began to enter. In the early 19th century, what would later become Westwood was part of Harrington Township. By 1840, the western half of Harrington Township became Washington Township, primarily an agrarian region with isolated farmsteads. An 18th-century mill, the first on Musquapsink Brook, was an essential landmark.

Development and Growth

The arrival of the Hackensack and New York Railroad in 1870 brought the first wave of concentrated development to the area, and service began between Westwood and New York City. This led to the construction of several small hotels near the depot, and houses in the latest European-influenced styles began to be built along Centre Avenue. Growth occurred simultaneously on the land both to the east and west of the tracks, and the triangular park that plays a vital role as a place of community gatherings was established.

Modern Times

By the 1880s, Westwood had seen significant development with four factories, several distilleries, a new school, a laundry and grocery store, and a new Reformed Church. In 1894, Westwood separated from Washington Township and became an independent borough. A water plant was constructed in 1899 by Cornelius S. DeBraun, providing service to the houses built along the borough’s newly laid streets.

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Westwood Today

Today, Westwood is a bustling community with a rich history, offering a welcoming environment for businesses like Higher Level Education.